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Protect the Earth

STATPORT™ Group is a provider of a high value statistical, financial and business analytics solutions to various
industries including Property and Casualty Insurance. The company is incorporated and headquartered in Phoenix,
Arizona. We are a young company and just getting started but have many years of life, work and business experience.

We are only as good as our people and we are committed to providing our customers with the best experts in the
field. We have 23 years of combined relevant work experience in statistical solutions within the insurance industry
including statistical reporting and business analytics in particular. Our associates hold MBA degrees and SAS

"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." Lao Tzu.
Any insurer requires and deserves value for their money. Start your journey by letting us earn your confidence in our
quality, trust in our brand and  faith in STATPORT.
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A ≠ B

Are you letting an IT group drive your business analytics?  It’s an easy trap to fall into.  Let’s look at two process:
Statistical Reporting (A) and Business Analytics (B).  Let’s look at how A and B differ and then look at how A plus B
leads to significant competitive advantage.  No math skills required.

A = Statistical Reporting

The insurance industry has been a leader on the path to sophisticated and integrated IT.  Why?  Simple: the volume
of data and infinite variety of state statistical reporting interfaces & formats has driven us there.  So, by whatever
means necessary, each insurance company has tied together their data collection to this myriad reporting so that it
is seamless and automatic.  Mission accomplished?  Last year, perhaps, but today and going forward that is no
longer the finish line but rather the starting point.  How is an insurance company to differentiate?  Read on, and we’ll
show you.

B = Business Analytics

Today’s competitive environment demands that we operate at maximum efficiency.  This requires meaningful
Business Analytics and up-to-the-minute vision into operational performance. A data-driven industry has the special
challenge of choosing meaningful, value-added metrics – it is of little value to sift through every bit of data on a
continuous basis.  That is where our Business Analysts (BAs) come in.   Each has significant experience in this
industry and brings to the table a number of recurring experiences in finding and saving hidden value.  Next we look
at your company’s specific challenges and  identify insightful key performance indicators and leverage those to guide
improvements that yield true competitive advantage.  With the truly key indicators identified and calculated, we enable
continuous and meaningful monitoring of operations – the ‘dashboard’.

With STATPORT™, A enables B

We have identified the barrier between A and B and we’ve removed it from the equation. There is no need for drastic
change such as our competitors may require like migrating to a new database engine. At the core of our value
proposition is our ability to tap in to your data where it currently resides and add on our proven, robust and constantly
maintained nation-wide reporting engine.  

A + B

Enter the age of sophisticated, meaningful Business Analytics with minimum impact to IT infrastructure, all enabled
by outsourcing Statistical Reporting (A) to STATPORT™. The Statistical Reporting comes at no cost, but rather a
savings of 30% in cost.  Next we add world-class Business Analytics (BA) to get and keep our clients on the cutting
edge of competitive advantage.  Our clients ultimately end up with lowest-cost statistical  reporting (A), world class
Business Analytics (BA) which combined with our tools and technology, provide deeply insightful Business
Intelligence (BI).  QED.

STATPORT constantly challenges the existing paradigms to bring about innovation, advanced analytics and trusted
practices to help insurers streamline business processes, enhance and improve operations, ultimately reducing
costs. In partnership with us you will develop and maintain a more flexible, agile, competitive and cost-effective way
of doing business. Here is what differentiates us from the competition, it's our unique combination of  services:
Paradigms challenged