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STATPORT™ Group considers itself to be risk averse and is particularly concerned with loss of customer
confidence, as well as monetary and productivity losses. As such, we have developed a detailed set of mandatory
control requirements for data protection and security measures around our respected customers’ data. Accurate and
defined information is intrinsic to the business functions of STATPORT Group; consequently information is an
important enterprise asset.
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The quality and reliability of STATPORT Group information must meet basic standards so that appropriate
decisions can be made based on accurate and verifiable information. We do our best to keep up with the
many advances in technology, while battling the growing threat from those who would use technology
against us. Next generation computer viruses and sophisticated interception tools and methods render
systems more vulnerable to external and internal attacks.
STATPORT Group reasonably assures that we are up to date and have adopted Data Security Program
that is appropriate and is a fundamental part of our security strategy. All employees of STATPORT Group
who have been delegated decision-making responsibility own accountability for a portion of the
information resource on behalf of STATPORT Group in order to assure its security, integrity and accuracy.

The major data security threats we cover, fall into three types: physical security threats, threats that come
from inside the company and those that come from the outside. We have adopted robust Data security
measures to protect our customer’s data.
  • Adequate physical security measures – We have conducted appropriate research and found the
    most suitable data storage company with the best physical security equipment and controls.
  • Good Personnel security – Our employees are well aware of the risks and their responsibilities to
    act in a sensible and secure way, mindful of their legal responsibilities handling our customers’
  • Robust security policy and procedures – Everyone involved in data management knows and
    trained in them. The policy and procedures are well defined, enforced and updated regularly.
  • Strong  IT controls – We have fundamental defense measures in place:
    Access, authentication and authorization controls.
    Anti-virus and content-filtering systems
    Firewalls and network defenses
    Data Backup and restoration
    Periodic IT controls audits
  • Secure authentication and encryption standards – The entire data stream is encrypted using SSL
    to secure enterprise communications over the Internet.

We manage customers’ data with confidence in our overall security program.
If you have any questions regarding STATPORT group’s data security, please forward your inquiries to
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