We remove the gap
between the essential
needs of the business
users and the relevant


  • BARGE (Business Analytics & Reports Generating Entity)
    Implementation is a complete solution to meet company's operational
    and reporting requirements. STATPORT can assist  your company to
    establish a solid Business Analytics infrastructure. STATPORT will
    integrate and standardize the data from diverse systems, products and
    data sources. Each  business unit's  information requirements  will be
    assessed and reports will be generated to reflect the content, format and
    frequency specifics.

  • Pre-Designed  Analytical Reports.
    We have developed  a number of reports designed to  summarize
    client's information in a straightforward and efficient format.  > Learn

  • Customized Reports & Analytical Models:
    We offer our clients highly customized reports and analytical models
    based on the specific company requirements and needs.  We have
    highly trained Business Intelligence analysts to write your reports in SQL,
    SAS or VB.  

  • Dashboards and Scorecards
    Balanced Scorecards and Dashboards have become the most
    innovative tools to measure company’s performance and are very
    popular for their ability to communicate complex information visually.

  • General Agent’s Portal  
    It is vital for each agent to monitor its business activities and
    performance. Our GAP (General Agent’s Portal) provides an interface to
    access to agents' data . Performance reports, new business and
    cancellation counts, claims counts and listings – agents will have a click
    of a button access to these and many other customized reports at any

We deliver better insights from operational data to our business users, who are the key consumers
of business analytics. Our solutions make it easier for the user to grasp the significance of data
performance reports. We transform discovered information into actionable outputs. We turned
analytics into more relevant and tangible to a business user, our solutions focus on specific business
audience making them comprehensible and providing human-level insight. We are a centralized
reporting solution for an efficient delivery of business analytics

We have developed financial and actuarial models to facilitate
timely and accurate, calculations of premiums and losses for
insurance companies. Our models will help you to better assess
risks, stay  statistically compliant as well as strategically armed.

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companies with multiple systems that need to standardize the
data under one universal format for the purposes of analyses,
research and compliance
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